Chaltabagan –Down Memory Lane

The history of Manicktalla Chaltabagan Lohapatty Durgapuja dates back to 1943,when a young determined our founder president Shri Lakhi Chand Jaiswal (now an 87 years elderly )founded and started celebrating Durga Puja at our locality (Raja Ram Mohan Roy Sarani ) despite the hurdles imposed by the British Raj for the people of North Kolkata.

Unlike every baro- yari puja our puja did not begin with twelve friends .It was because of the blessings of the Deity that the first breakthrough was provided to Shri Lakhi Chand Jaiswal by Lt Shri R P Shaw and Lt Shri Bindesri Prasad Shaw .The sound of Dhakis echoed at the shop premises of Lt Baba Chitani Ram with Lt Sri Budhu Mousa, Lt Sri Hiralal Jaiswal, Lt Shri Ram Prasad Jaiswal, Lt Shri Sambhunath Pandey , Lt Shri Harihar Jaiswal ( then Ahmerst Street Lohapatty Sarvojani Durgapuja committee )

As years passed by the puja continued with the added efforts of Lt Shri Heera lal Jaiswal (s/o Lt Shri Ramjas ) , Lt Shri RamNarayan (S/o Lt Shri Ram Pratap), Lt Shri Makunji Shaw, Lt Sri Ram Chandra ,Lt Shri Satya Narayan (S/o Lt Sri Triveni Bhagat) and Lt Sri Jagannath Prasad (Jagai) .

Later In the years Chaltabagan's Lt Shri Kali Prasad, Lt Shri Tapsi Prasad joined through a meeting to include Chaltabagan in the committee. Following them was Shri Jai Prakash(J.P) and the list goes on.

The Golden jubilee year 1992 saw lots of celebrations and our puja continues to provide happiness year after year not just during the Sharodutsav but all through the year in the form of health camps and various charitable donations to the needy .

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